We would love to have you attend worship with us. If you have any questions either about the church or developing your relationship with God and His people, it would be a joy and privilege to talk about these things with you.



Liturgy, simply put, is a defined pattern or order for how something is done. For us, Sunday worship is when we gather to experience "All of life in an hour." We are called into existence by God in the call to worship, we die to our sin in the confession, we give thanks to God in our offerings, we are taught His ways in the reading and the sermon and we are nourished as we celebrate the past and future feast of God in the Lord's Supper. We do all this as individuals, as a family, and as the people of God together. Check out a recent bulletin if you'd like to see what service would look like.


What should you expect?

  • The worship service to focus on God
  • A lot of Bible reading, prayer and singing
  • Friendly people from all ages, races, and backgrounds. What binds us together is our faith and love for God

There is an offering taken during the service. If you are just visiting us, please don’t feel any pressure to put anything in the offering plate.  This is for our members and those who regularly attend.

After the first service there is a social time with coffee and doughnuts.



Children are welcome

Children are valued parts of our church, and we seek to engage them in a number of ways. Here are a few opportunities we have for our little ones:

  • A clean and well staffed nursery for newborns up to age 3 years
  • A “children’s church” for ages 3-5. About halfway through the service, kids are invited to leave the main worship service and go to the classrooms with a staff of trained volunteers.
  • We have activities activity packets available in the back of the worship center for all children.
  • Sunday School classes for everyone from Preschool up to High School (and beyond!)
  • A nursing room is also available during all our services in the back of the worship center.



Who are we?

South Dayton Presbyterian church is part of the Presbyterian Church in America. We are committed to the Scriptures as the authoritative Word of God, and Reformed in our tradition. We strive to faithfully balance our focus on "desiring God, loving sacrificially, gathering and growing Christ followers".

For more info on our beliefs, please go here.