The LORD Builds the House

Small Group Questions

Psalm 127
This Psalm has been powerful for many Christians. How has this Psalm impacted your life?

Verse 1 is both a warning and a promise. It says, ‘don’t build without God,’ and it says, ‘if God is in it, it cannot fail.’ Discuss how these two sides work together.

In verse 2, sleep is presented as the consequence of trusting in God’s provision for food and life. In a 24-hour world, there are probably more opportunities than ever before to be concerned about various things and thus to forego sleep. How do you practice resting in trust?

Children in Psalm 127:3-5 are an unqualified good. List out the ways they are thought of as a blessing. How does this compare with your view of children? How do you think this picture of offspring might impact your perception and thoughts of children?