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Biblical Counseling

Jesus is our great physician. He is able to heal our lives, bodies, and our broken selves, and he promises a day when his followers will hunger and thirst no more, and "God will wipe away every tear from their eyes" (Rev. 7:17). But until that day, we live in a world marred by pain and devastation. 


There is perhaps no more important event in our lives than our marriage. God instituted marriage at the creation (Gen. 2), and he charged the first husband and wife to "be fruitful & multiply" (Gen. 1:28). A happy marriage will bring fruitful life in times of trouble, comfort in desolation, and, if the Lord wills it, children and grandchildren in time. But an unhappy marriage pours darkness even on the brightest of days. Your spouse can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

That's why we offer pre-marriage counseling to those who are considering marriage, or engaged to be married. We will talk about life goals, principles of healthy relationships, and help think through the strengths and weaknesses that are unique to you. We hope that when the wedding days comes and goes, you and your spouse will find joy together in your love for each other and for God, and will do our best to that end. 

Which is also why we believe in post-"big day" counseling, because every husband and wife know that the journey only begins on the wedding day, and that we very often need the help of others to see our own lives clearly.


Prayer Life

Living life before God, means relying on him always for help and strength. The weekly prayer life of a Christian begins on Sunday in the presence of the congregation, but it must also continue throughout the week if we are to be in communion with our God. When we pray, our petitions rise up before the throne of heaven as incense (Rev. 5:8), and God is ready to bend the heavens and come down to our rescue (Ps. 18:5).

The promises about prayer in the Bible are enough to make us want to be in prayer at all times, and so we believe it is important to cultivate a life of prayer and conversation with our Lord. 

The Bible has many things to say about prayer, from posture, to frequency, to the words the come out of our lips. The Lord's Prayer is a good place to begin (Matt. 6:9-13), as well as the one book of scripture which is entirely filled with prayers: The Psalter. 

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