We welcome everyone to come to our church and worship Jesus with us, but we feel that membership is an important step in committing to be part of our covenant community. Several times a year, we offer a membership class, call "The Basics" for anyone who is considering joining or just wants to know more about who we are and what we believe. Please contact us for more information.

Presbyterians practice a form of church polity in which leaders are elected and appointed by local churches and their governing bodies. Following the practice of the early church, we appoint men to be deacons and elders (cf. 1 Tim 3). 


Baptism is God's word of promise to us, and our entry into Christ's covenant community. Through all ages, God has chosen for himself a people, and then marked them and their children with a symbolic enactment of faithfulness. From Abraham to Jesus, that symbol was circumcision (Gen. 17:9-14); and from Jesus first coming until his return, it is baptism (Matt. 28:18-20). Just as circumcision was a sign of faith--given to Abraham after he believed, but to his children before they were weened (Rom. 4:11-12)--so we follow the pattern of God's command by baptizing our covenant children with water, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Twice a month we celebrate the Lord's Supper together to be fed by God together, and nourished in community. The mystery of Christ's body and blood in the simple elements of bread and wine was first given by Jesus to his disciples on the night before he died upon the cross (Matt. 26:26-29). It is given for the Church in all ages for a remembrance and in anticipation of the glorious Supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:6-10), and we invite all baptized Christians to eat together with us. We offer instruction annually for new believers and children on the significance and privilege of celebrating Communion together with all the people of God. 


The office of deacon is devoted to the care of the church. Deacons provide for members who need help, whether it be financial, relational, or just needing a friend, and they have oversight of the church building. Our deacons have many resources at their disposal, and are eager to help. 


Elders oversee the spiritual well-being of the church, and its ministries. They strive to build up the church by caring for members, maintaining the sanctity of church worship, and leading us toward our God. All pastors in the Presbyterian church elders, as well as those men who are selected for their spiritual maturity and wisdom.

New Members Class

If you’d like to attend the next New Members Class, please send an email to Classes happen every spring and fall and happen over the course of 6 Sunday School hours (10:00-10:45 AM, in between services).