Jordan Peterson and the rise of the nones

I dragged a handful of people from SDPC to a Jordan Peterson talk last Fall, and I’m still not sure why. Here are the reasons I had in mind:

  1. My basic premise about Peterson is that he says things that are important and compelling in ways that I find personally refreshing (Note: He also says things that are false in ways that I find annoying).

  2. The other thing about him, though, is that it’s fascinating to watch other other people flock to him. (It’s not obvious to me why a sometimes dry Canadian academic suddenly should command the attention of million of people.)

Together, those two things seemed to deserve a hearing!

Here’s an article Bruce Page recommended to me about Peterson’s appeal, and I think it’s pretty insightful. The author’s second to last paragraph I think hits the nail on the head:

Peterson’s meteoric rise… proves the real “felt need” for order, meaning, and morality in a secular age. Peterson’s success is evidence that our neighbors are recognizing the malaise of our secular age and are, it seems, are willing to try living “as if” God exists and the biblical narrative is mythically true.

I think the bottom line is that we are a frog in a pot that is heating up real fast, and a lot of people are starting to feel it.

This means a lot of people feel the need for Jesus, even if they can’t say it like that yet.

Please pray for a revival in our hearts and lives and city and country!