Week TWO, of four weeks of prayer for our Celebration

This Sunday we'll have just three weeks until the Celebration on October 2. 

Last week we prayed for the planning of the event, and I can tell you that God answered those prayers in a big way! A lot of little details have fallen into place this week, but there is still more to do. 

Some updates:

  • Our founding pastor, Pastor Don Ward is set to come preach in the morning services, and join us for the party in the afternoon.
  • We're working on getting two different local Christian artists to perform: 
    • Jocelyn Johnson's band that writes and plays blues and other genres.
    • PhillyTF, a hip hop artist who ministered to our congregation last Fall.
  • Stephany Weldon & myself are lined up to lead our time of song together from 4-4:30
  • Pastor Mark will preach a Gospel message to us at 4:30

This week, starting on Sunday, September 11, please pray for our visitors.

Part of this event is celebrating 25 years as a church, and part is inviting people to come check us out. To that end we're doing the following:

  • A mailing campaign to everyone within a mile of local mail routes nearby the church
  • A Facebook advertising campaign.
  • Putting up ads in local stores.
  • Next week we're going to put up a big sign, easily visible from Alex Bell Rd.
  • Sending invitations to old friends of SDPC who no longer attend.
  • FINALLY (and most importantly), we're going to hand out invitations to the congregation, and ask each person to give some to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone you'd like to invite. We should be handing them out this Sunday (pray that they arrive on time for Sunday!)

SO! Please pray something like this:

Our God and Father, who draws all the families of the earth to yourself through your son Jesus Christ, please draw people to this Celebration. Draw especially those who don't know you, and may they meet your people and see the love of Christ in us, and hear your Gospel, and repent and be saved. And Lord, show me who I might invite! Please guide my conversations with those whom I give my invitations to, and lead them to this party, and to yourself. I pray this in the matchless name of Jesus our Lord, Amen.