Four weeks of prayer for our Celebration

This month I’d like to ask you for prayer for the SDPC Community Celebration on October 2. Right now it’s just 31 days away! So starting this Sunday, September 4, I’d like make every one of those days a day of petition to God for wonderful things in the planning, invitation, execution, and aftermath of it.

The plan is to pray for a different element of the celebration each week, broken down like this:

  • September 4 – Prayer for Planning and Operation
  • September 11 – Prayer for Visitors
  • September 18 – Prayer for Setup, Concerns on the Day of, and Volunteers
  • September 25 – Prayers of Celebration & Thanksgiving

Please pray for these aspects as the Spirit leads you, and use the following prayer to guide your thoughts:

(for the week of September 4)

Most Wise and Powerful God, who changes times and seasons, and ordains all that comes to pass, please grant wisdom and focus to all who are planning and executing the Community Celebration on October 2. Fill them with diligence and skill, even as you did your servants Bezalel and Oholiab in the construction of the sanctuary (Ex. 36). Work through your servants today, that we might all praise and glorify your name together with our community on the day of celebration. We ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen.